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Depending on your campaign goals, you can choose between various banner possibilities or an advertorial to reach your target group by creating brand awareness or a call to action.

Banner Advertising

Short article with the look and feel of an editorial. Text of max. 100 words, image 70 x 70 pixels or logo 100 x 50 pixels, URL of landing page.

Sponsored Video
Videobox image in combination with link to the video, title and short introduction
(video 320 x 240 pixels, title, introduction max. 40 words).

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Excellent choice

Yanping Zhao - CEO

“Advertising on GIM International magazine is an excellent choice for us to grow up our international presence. GIM quality articles and qualified readership across the regions that we are targeting are both top criteria  when selected media partners.”

Excellent support

Silvia Zaiser - Senior Manager Marketing & PR

We appreciate working with the highly professional GIM marketing team. They offer a really comprehensive and well adapted package for the surveying and GIS market. What I personally appreciate most is the excellent support from highly qualified, motivated persons to truly generate an optimal campaign suited for our special purposes and budget.

Large international audience

Shelly Nooner - Marketing Communications, Trimble's Geospatial Division

"GIM International is a natural fit for showcasing Trimble's complete Geospatial Solutions to a large international audience of Geospatial professionals."

New opportunities

Philippe Simard - President

"Our Correlator 3D photogrammetry software is now used everywhere in the world by leading mapping firms and government organizations. GIM International has helped us augmenting our international exposure, and directly contributes in continuously generating new opportunities."

News from the whole world

Shirley Kong - International Sales Manager

"GIM International as worldwide magazine, presents new technologies and others news from the whole world, which is an advantage to others."