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Read in more than 170 countries around the world, the magazine Hydro International has established itself as a truly global market leader.
The magazine is published eight times a year, and subscribers can choose whether they wish to receive the printed version or the online edition (identical in content).

Promotional distribution
Hydro International is also distributed during major exhibitions and conferences all over the world.

Issue Name event 2015  Place Date
 Feb  OI north America   San Diego, CA, USA  14-16 Feb
 March   US Hydro   Galveston, TX, USA  20-23 Mar 
 April  Ocean Business   Southampton, UK   4-6 April 
   IHO Assembly   Monaco   24-28 April 
 May/June  Oceans '17 Aberdeen   Aberdeen, Scotland   19-22 June
 September  Oceans '17 Anchorage   Anchorage, Alaska   17-22 Sept
 October  Hydro 2017  Rotterdam, The Netherlands  
 November  Oceanology International China  Gingdao, China  01-03 Nov
The Business Guide 2017 is sent to all events listed above.

Reach our global audience by placing an advertisement in the magazine. Add further choice and flexibility to your regional sales and marketing strategy by including either loose or bound inserts in the printed version of our publication. Demographic splits enable you to focus your promotional activities on your specific target groups.
Other services include: Belly band, Split cover, Wrapper (opening on page with your own advertisement), Card glued into magazine, 6-page centre gatefold and more.

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An important partner

Robert Haydock - President

"Hydro is great! Hydro INTERNATIONAL is an engaging publication geared specifically towards the hydrographic community. This allows AML Oceanographic to access its target customers directly, communicating new products and services quickly and easily. Hydro INTERNATIONAL is an important partner for AML."

High quality standards

Ulrike Schulte-Rahde - Marketing & PR Manager

"Hydro International is  the perfect platform to promote our products. We appreciate that the high quality standards on sophisticated technical contributions are guaranteed with every issue."