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Geomares Publishing is aninternational publishing house specialised in and specifically focussedupon industries relating to Geomatics, Hydrography, water management,marine spills and pollution, and electronic navigation. As well inprint as online, Geomares Publishing offers innovative and state of theart business-to-business products to niche professionals worldwide. Asa small and specialised team, we work with lots of dedication to assurea high quality and service level.

Lessons learned from Japan Tsunami & Meltdown at Fukushima

Higher GroundInthis new and remarkable book Higher Ground: Learning from the EastJapan Tsunami and Meltdown at Fukushima NPS professor Shunji Muraidescribes the horror of the disaster that struck Japan on March 11th2011, just one year ago. Murai not only highlights the individual andgroup heroism and survival, but also the suffering, terror and death.Moreover these eye-witness accounts are accompanied by lessons in whichthe author distils the cardinal mistakes made and ways of correctingthem for the future. Murai touches the hearts and minds of all readerswith his serene, narrative approach, but also warns them to neverunderestimate the destructive power of nature. For experts andpolicy-makers in regions that are prone to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, this book is a must read in order to put thelearned lessons from Japan into practice and plans in their owncommunities!

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