Maths for Map Makers, 2nd edition
This book remains the first port of call for anyone seeking a comprehensive treatment of the mathematics involved in map making. In response to demand, the author has written a new chapter on the subject of least squares estimation. The new text is again problem-oriented, and is generously illustrated with worked examples and exercises.

Contents:  Numbers and calculation; Plane geometry; Trigonometry; Plane coordinates; Problems in three dimensions; Areas and volumes; Matrices; Vectors; Calculus; Conic sections; Spherical trigonometry; Solution of equations; Leastsquares estimation; References. Useful data. Further matrix algebra. Notation for least squares. The error ellipse and its pedal curve. Summary of formulae. Index

From the reviews:
  • ‘...This book continues to be an excellent text for students of geomatics and associated subjects. important aid to revision and enhanced understanding’. The Photogrammetric Record
  • '...This is an ideal course book for students of geomatics including surveying, cartography and photogrammetry, ...and for those in industry or academia who require a reference work on the topic’. Geomatics World
From the author:
Dr. Arthur L. Allan, Emeritus Reader, University College London

Author: Dr. Arthur L. Allan
ISBN: 978-1870325-99-8
Pages: 416pp (234x 156mm)
Binding information: softback liberally illustrated
Price: € 55,00 (excl. VAT if applicable and shipping costs)

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